z333ttComprises of a HD 1080p cctv camera with 4x digital zoom and surveillance microphone together with a built in audio video recorder in a weather proof housing.

The recorder can record for up to 8 days in constant recording mode or only record when movement is detected by the camera.

When the recorder is full it will start to overwrite the previous recordings.

The camera connects to any internet router via WI FI using the built in hi gain aerial.

Live video and audio from the camera and any recordings can be monitored or played back on any mobile smart phone, pad, or PC.

The camera does not  require a link to the cloud so there is NO monitoring or storage charges (normally 14 per month).

Infra red night vision enables the camera to see up to 15 meters in total darkness.

ALARM MODE with variable sensitivity........ the camera can be programmed to send an alarm siren signal and video snap shot  of any intruders to the users mobile phone  when any movement is detected in front of the camera.

A built in loud speaker allows the user to speak to any one in the vicinity of the camera.

Supplied with 12v plug in mains power supply.


Can be used internally or externally to protect and monitor:

Any type of residential or commercial property. 
Vehicles on drives. 
Storage facilities. 
Vacant properties. 
Monitoring the young, elderly or infirm.
Combat anti social behavior, fly tipping, dog fouling etc,etc.

Plug power lead into a 13a mains socket and down load app and thats it !!!!

To activate the recorder fit a micro SD card.

A 32Gb card will give up to 4 days constant recording or 1 month of motion recording at 3 hours per day.

A 64Gb card (max card size) will give up to 8 days constant recording or 60 days of motion recording at 3 hours per day.

The camera will operate from a 12v battery or solar panel and a 3G/4G GSM wifi router if no mains power or a land line are available.
1Gb of data on 3G/4 G will give up to 2 hours of live monitoring.

This will enable the camera to operate in isolated locations to monitor wild life, live stock, equestrian etc.

Also combat fly tipping, antisocial behavior, theft and vandalism at isolated locations.

The camera  (size 150 x 60 x 60 mm ) can easily be concealed in a tree or a hedgerow with a battery or solar cell.


Comprises of similar to above incorporating a Sony very low light image sensor and no infra red illuminators which normally give off a tell tale glow.

A high sensitive microphone will pick up speech within 10m of the camera.

A lens library is available with options of pinhole lens, 6-22mm varifocal narrow angle lens and 50mm long range lens for discreet remote surveillance at a distance.

Easily concealed size 40 x 40 x 20mm.


 wi_fi_ptzINFORMER  3/4G   PTZ   CCTV CAMERA    PRICE  380

Comprises of as above camera built in to a pan and tilt weather proof dome housing.

A 3/4G sim card slot enables the camera to operate on any mobile phone data network if no internet is available.

The camera also incorporates a varifocal 2.8 - 14mm zoom lens, 3x digital zoom and switchable infra red cut filter.

The pan,tilt and zoom functions can be controlled by any smart phone, pad or PC.

A switchable infra red array enables the camera to operate up to 20 meters in total darkness.

A built in 64Gb SD card enables the camera to record for up to 10 days of constant recording or up to 2 months of motion recording at 3 hours per day.

Both cameras incorporate AP mode which allows any mobile device or smart phone to access the camera directly with out the need for a internet connection.This enables users to watch live video or play back recordings at a distance of up to 15 meters from the camera if there is no internet  or 3/4 signal available at a location or the connection has failed.

Also available:

22x zoom version with 95mm lens and 80m IR range      Price 580.

30x zoom version with 140mm lens and 300m IR range  Price 880.   




z900b2The latest CMS remote monitoring software for PC and laptops enables the Informer WI FI cameras to be Incorporated in to community and village watch CCTV schemes.

Cameras installed at strategic locations can be remotely monitored on any password controlled computers connected to the internet.

See STARLIGHT CCTV page for details.


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