phone4IS YOUR PHONE SPYING ON YOU........???????

In 2020 a new version of the GhostCtrl  BACKDOOR SPYWARE
APP was released which gives anyone the potential to SPY and

The spyware app can be remotely installed on to your mobile
device disguised within an email or text message with a link.
The app is not visible on the phones screen and runs in the
background at all times.

The app allows any one who has your  telephone number to,,

Read all your text messages.
Read all your emails.
Listen to any voice messages.
View all your photos.
Upload your entire address book.
Track your phones location world wide.
Listen to any live conversation within 5 meters of your phone
at any time.

And more !!!!

The video below contains some but NOT ALL information on how to tell if your phone is being hacked.

YouTube Video



The latest GSM mobile phone technology  now gives a box the size of
a golf ball fitted with a standard mobile SIM card the ability to,,,

Listen in to any voice conversations within a room.

Listen to any telephone conversations within a room.

Video any activity within a room.

Record any of above for up to 28 days.

If no mobile GSM service is available a wireless connection for the
above can be made to any local WI FI network.
This enables any one with a smart phone, pad or PC to remotely
monitor and play back any of the above from any where in the world.

The room hacking and remote surveillance devices can be easily
hidden into every day objects and powered from internal batteries
or mains charging adapters.

The devices are available from internet security shops from 50.

Mobile surveillance devices can also be concealed within a vehicle.

They can operate from internal batteries for up to 12 months or
constantly from the vehicles own battery.

This enables any one with a smart phone to track and monitor
the vehicles location any where in the world.

Any voice or telephone conversations from within the vehicle
can also be monitored at any time.



Comprises of an easy to use hand held detector which alerts the user to the
presence of any radio phone taps, bugging devices, spy cameras, tracking
devices or if any mobile phone is actively being hacked into.

The radio surveillance interceptor operates from internal rechargeable
batteries or mains adapter. The interceptor has a variable sensitivity alarm
which will sound if any unauthorized transmissions from bugs, phone taps or
trackers are detected up to a distance of 10 meters. 
A signal strength meter enables the exact position of the transmission to be
located. If the Interceptor is placed in the centre of a room and any mobile
phone in the room gets hacked into, the detector will go into alarm and the
particular phone can be identified using the signal strength meter.
An advanced audio demodulator facility enables the user to monitor any
unauthorized radio transmissions radiating from within a building or vehicle
operating in the  1mhz to 6ghz radio bands. 
Full operational training package if required.

Detection of clandestine listening devices, hidden cameras, tracking devices, and
detection of mobile phone hacking in homes, offices, high risk meeting rooms etc.

Will also detect unauthorised use of mobile phones in prohibited area,s



Comprises of a radio frequency spectrum analyzer  for total electronic counter measures applications.

The RF Spectrum Analyzer operates from rechargeable battery or mains adapter. 
The Analyzer produces an easy to read visual display of the radio spectrum between 1mhz and 6ghz. 
The display indicates the presence of all radio transmissions in the immediate area, such as radio and TV
broadcasting, two way radio and mobile phone communications. In certain town and city locations these
transmissions can be very strong and cause bug detectors and radio interceptors to produce false alarms. 
The Spectrum Analyzer will display these transmissions as a constant reference and any new
transmissions from bugging devices or cameras that may be remotely controlled will indicate on the
screen the moment they become activate.

High risk detection and location of unauthorized surveillance devices.

Supplied with a selection of radio surveillance test transmitters and training package.

Also available for hire with electronic counter measures engineers to conduct a complete 
sweep and search of any building or vehicles to detect and locate any  unauthorized 
telephone, audio or video surveillance devices.
Cost from 500 per day or night.



A new range of portable radio frequency jammers are now available 
and although not approved for use in the UK
they can be easily 
obtained over the Internet for less than 100.

The popular models operate at:
433, 434, 868, 900, mhz  and  1.8, 2.1, 2.4ghz.

Some of the problems caused by radio jammers:

Wireless burglar alarms, false alarm or 'do not detect' intruders.
Car alarms and door locks will not set or close.
Engines will not start in  top of the range vehicles.
GSM security auto dialler's receive no service.
Wireless credit card terminals can not process transactions.
Mobile phones receive no service.
Wifi routers receive no service.
Wireless CCTV systems receive no picture.

Jammers can be easily hidden in nearby locations or vehicles.

The alarmspy easy to use  RADIO SURVEILLANCE INTERCEPTOR is ideal to
detect and locate any active local jamming device



Comprises of a aluminum brief case incorporating electronic detection equipment to detect, locate and record the presence of  electronic surveillance equipment and electronic pain field generators operating in the radio, electromagnetic, sonic and ultrasonic frequency spectrum's.

The presence of high power electronic pain fields can cause injury to the human body and can produce a debilitating highly discomforting feeling of nausea, disorientation and paranoia........

The kit comprises of the following..

1  Highly sensitive radio frequency detector which will detect high and low power radio transmissions from 1mhz to 8ghz. Variable sensitivity and led signal strength enables any local transmission source to easily be located. A level control will sound an alarm when any radio transmissions are detected above a preset level. The detector will indicate the presence of microwave and RF pain field generators, audio, video and telephone bugging devices, tracking devices, RF jammers and if a mobile phone is actively being hacked into.

2 Electromagnetic radiation detector which will detect and record dangerous levels of electric and magnetic fields emitting from faulty or modified every day electrical equipment and the presence of electric field pain generators.The detector can also indicate the presence of any paranormal activity.

3 Pre programmed 7 inch HD tablet incorporating the following modifications and apps.

a: Advanced audio spectrum analyzer  which scans the entire audio frequency spectrum up to 22khz and displays the frequency and intensity of any sounds or pain fields present in the immediate area. A peak hold function stores on the screen all frequencies that have been detected over a period of time as shown in picture above.This function enables the user to see what sounds have been detected when the user is out or asleep if the analyzer is left on day and night.

b: Sensitive sound meter which will store and display the average and maximum sound levels present  in the vicinity in dB over any period of time.

c: Sensitive vibration meter which will store and display the average and maximum building and ground vibrations present in m/s2 over any period of time.

d: Smart audio recorder  which operates with the tablets built in microphone and records any voices or sounds present in the vicinity over any period of time on to the tablets memory for play back and storage for future reference.By enabling the skip silence function the recorder will only record when any sounds are detected.

e: Signal generator which will generate low level audio frequencies up to 18kz to test above functions and to enable the user to experience  high frequency sound in the pain generator spectrum between 12khz and 17khz. A white and pink noise function is included which can be activated  to disable any surveillance microphones present or produce a subtle background sound level.

f: Wi fi monitor analyzer which scans the 2.4ghz radio spectrum and displays all active wi fi devices present in the immediate area including surveillance cameras, routers, PCs etc. A scan function enables the user to see all devices connected to their internet router and identify any unauthorized surveillance devices that may be using the router for remote monitoring of the users premises.

g: Flashlight with strobe light function which will disrupt any unauthorized surveillance cameras operating in the immediate area.Can also be used as a call for help.

The tablet also incorporates all standard and internet functions operating on Android 7 with built in Wi fi, Bluetooth, GPS location, Video camera with recorder and Google.
A sim card slot is provided operating on any 2/3g gsm network to enable the tablet to operate as a mobile smart phone, GPS location device and remote CCTV monitoring device.

4 Ultrasonic sound detector and by ten frequency divider enables any sound or pain field generators operating between 12khz and 120khz which is out of the range of human hearing,to be monitored on the internal speaker and displayed on the audio spectrum analyzer.

5 Ultrasonic pain field generator which will generate medium power pain fields with sweep frequencies which can be adjusted between 8khz and 45khz by using the preset control.This enables the above to be tested and for the user to experience medium level sonic and ultra sonic variable pain field frequencies. If set between 14khz and 16khz the output is similar to electronic deterrents used to prevent teenagers from loitering. High power versions as shown below have been used as electronic disruptors to both humans and animals and have been known to cause a horse to throw its rider.

The above kit is supplied with all batteries and chargers ready to go, a technical telephone help line is available to advise users on how to operate the kit and analyze any detected results.

A basic and comprehensive training package on how to get the best out of the Electronic counter measures kit is also available, full details on request.

High power Ultra sonic and RF pain generators as below are legal in the UK and are available over the internet. They can cause very stress full disturbances to both humans and animals.The presence of these devices can now be detected with the above Electronic counter measures kit.




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